Die Covid-Infektionen sind noch nicht abgeklungen, und in verschiedenen Teilen der Welt wüten weiterhin Kriege; es sieht nicht gut aus, und im Grunde scheint alles um uns herum zusammenzubrechen. Wir brauchen daher alle Trost und Unterstützung. [mehr Info...]


Covid infections have not subsided and wars continue to rage on in various parts of the world; things are not looking so good and it basically feels like everything around us is falling apart. We all need comfort and support. [more Info...]

Parallel zu 48h Neukölln
präsentiert WIRWIR
a friendly place
encounters of a different kind
shaking leaves,
touching sand

Eine zweitägige Veranstaltung mit performativen Begegnungen mit 5 Kulturarbeiter*innen:
Onur Ceritoglu > Kaffeesatz - Schicksalbilder
April Gertler > Heiße Theke - Wohlfühlessen
Michelle Lai > Stone Soup - Teegeflüster
Ingrid Offerman > Frag dich, Frag mich - Geschichten
Ella Ziegler > Wie die Frucht vom Zweig sich löst - Ablösung & Auflösung

Eröffnung > Freitag, 24. Juni, 19h - 22h
Mit einer Cocktailbar von Michelle Lai

Die Begegnungen mit allen 5 Kulturarbeiter*innen finden am Samstag, 25. Juni von 18h bis 22.15h und
Sonntag 26. Juni von 15h bis 19.15h statt und
dauern insgesamt 1,25 Stunden und sollten hier im Voraus gebucht werden.

Jeder Gast ist eingeladen alleine, oder mit einer Begleitung teilzunehmen und wird in 5 performativen Begegnungen im
a friendly place betreut.
Eine Sitzung besteht aus Begegnungen mit allen 5 Kulturarbeiter*innen und kostet insgesamt 10€ pro Person. 

Bitte bucht hier eure Sitzung.

In tandem with 48h Neukölln,
WIRWIR presents
a friendly place
encounters of a different kind
shaking leaves,
touching sand

A two day event of performative encounters with 5 cultural workers:
Onur Ceritoglu > Kaffeesatz - coffee fortunes
April Gertler > Heiße Theke - comfort food
Michelle Lai > Stone Soup - tea whispering
Ingrid Offerman > Frag dich, Frag mich - life exchanges
Ella Ziegler > Wie die Frucht vom Zweig sich löst - detachment & resolution

Opening > Friday, 24. June, 19h - 22h
with a cocktail bar by Michelle Lai

The performative encounters with the cultural workers take place on 
Saturday, 25. June between 18h - 22.15h and
Sunday 26. June between 15h - 19.15h
The 5 encounters will add up to a total duration of 1,25 hours. 
You need to book your session in advance here.

Each guest can join with or without a friend, and will have one-on-one performative exchanges with the 5 cultural workers from
a friendly place.
A session is comprised of encounters with all 5 cultural workers and costs a total of €10 per person.
Please reserve your session here.

a friendly place

Es tut uns leid, aber das Projekt ist beeendet. Sorry, the project has ended.


The project space is located in former shop premises in Berlin-Neukölln. The name WIRWIR, connects to the history of the 49m² space. Amongst its many iterations of use, it was once a brothel catering specifically to a Turkish clientele. The word vır vır means brothel in Turkish street slang and by changing a few letters, but not the pronunciation, the name WIRWIR, meaning we we, was born. 

WIRWIR is part of DÉRIVE UG - which is an umbrella organization that has hosted a wide variety of projects over the years such as; SONNTAG, PICTURE BERLIN, DETLEF, and IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS. The concept of WIRWIR was and continues to be developed by Adrian Schiesser and April Gertler. Over the years they have recognised a need to experiment with varying formats for artistic presentation and creation and in doing so, create multiple access points. Those formats have included collaborative artist walks, a parade/demonstration, an art bar, lecture/baking performances, and exhibitions in other people's homes.

WIRWIR will host ongoing projects, and will also develop new projects which will continue to shift formats by offering varying platforms for art works and artists.

Have a listen to April and Adrian talk about WIRWIR for ART NEXT DOOR - a podcast by Tuce Erel.


by Uli Aigner 

Back in 2015, Adrian and April met the Austrian artist Uli Aigner. They invited her to participate in SONNTAG in 2016. She showed the first 250 vessels from her (then) new project EINE MILLION. The premise of the project was to make one million ceramic vessels for the rest of her life.
We were thrilled to work with her and she was equally happy to have a chance to show the new project in Berlin for the first time.

Since then, conversations, collaborations, apple strudels and much more have been shared. After telling Uli about WIRWIR she offered to lend WIRWIR her project TERRITORIAL CLAIM for a longer period of time.

TERRITORIAL CLAIM is a project within EINE MILLION created in 2016 - it includes 206 vessels of all shapes and sizes. Every vessel has a country written on it and every country is a member state of the United Nations. Uli's TERRITORIAL CLAIM will find its way, as a collaborating vessel, into many projects taking place at WIRWIR.

It is with incredible thanks to Uli Aigner and Michal Kosakowski for entrusting WIRWIR with this amazing work.

WIRWIR is here

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  • Stuttgarter Str. 56
  • 12059 Berlin-Neukölln
  • Germany
  • wirwir.org

  • aims to connect communities through a diversity of experiences.

  • WIRWIR is part of DÉRIVE UG (Haftungsbeschränkt)